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Access Information

How to get OTARU

by JR (train)
  • from New Chitose Airport:
    Rapid Airport [for Otaru] 75nins 1,740yen
  • from Sapporo:
    50mins 620yen,
    [Rapid] 30mins 620yen
  • from Asahikawa:
    3h 30mins 3,150yen,
    [Express] 2h15mins 5,610yen
  • from Niseko:
    100mins 1,410yen
  • from Hakodate:
    7h15mins 4,620yen (via Niseko),
    [Express] 4h10mins 9,320yen (via Sapporo)
by Bus
  • from Sapporo station Terminal: Express Bus 60mins 590yen (Chuo Bus [1] / JR Bus [2])
  • from Kucchan (Niseko region): 90mins 1,280yen (Chuo Bus [1])
  • from Cape Kamui (Shakotan peninsula): 2h20mins 2,100yen (Chuo Bus [1])
by Car, Motorcycle and Bike
  • from New Chitose Airport: 85km 2h10mins [via Expressway: 80mins]
  • from Sapporo: 38km 55mins [via Expressway: 35mins]
  • from Asahikawat: 160km 4h [via Expressway: 2h30mins]
  • from Niseko: 75km 90mins
  • from Hakodate: 250km 4h40mins [via Expressway: 5h]
by Ferryboat

Time and the distance are standard values.

Directions to MorinoKi

The Otarunai Backpackers’ Hostel MorinoKi

(Please call us “Morinoki”.)
Address: 4-15 Aioi Otaru Hokkaido 047-0028 JAPAN
Telephone: 0134-23-2175 / +81-(0)134-23-2175
referenceMorinoKi Directions Map [6] (for print /pdf 250KB)
referenceMorinoKi Map [7] (for print /pdf 435KB)

  1. for Car Navigation UserT: he point at MorinoKi might not be correctly displayed in the search by the telephone number input. Please input it in the address.
  2. The position of MorinoKi is wrong in the map of Touring Mapple 1 Hokkaido.

DayTrip from Otaru

shiribeshi_map [13]Travel Tips [14]

Good Location

map_otaru Travel Tips [14]
referenceMorinoKi Map [15] (for print / pdf 250KB)