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Feels Like Home

Good for Free and Independent Travelers. MorinoKi is the first Backpackers’ Hostel in Hokkaido established in 1999. Budget Accommodations in Otaru Hokkaido JAPAN.

Cozy Atmospheres

Using the old Japanese house. Comfortable Japanese-style hostel. Please make yourself at home freely. Also Good for the nap.

Reasonable Price

Dormitory style Hostel. (Mix room and females Only room)
1 night with no meal:  ~3,000YEN
Kitchen Self-Catering. No extra charge for Heating in winter. Good for long stayers. About “Hostel Rates”

Good Location

Good for Otaru sightseeing. “Otaru Canal” & “Sakai-machi” nearby. Day Trip from Otaru to Niseko, Yoichi, Shakotan Peninsula,and Sapporo Access Information

Check in time
15:00 – 22:00
  • Please tell us the arrival time in advance.
  • Before and after your arrival time, we may close of the hostel.
  • We can not keep your baggages before check-in (15:00)
    Thank you for your cooperation.
  • After the check-in, you can use the shower and kitchen, etc.
  • When your check-in passes over arrival time, be sure to contact us. Your reservation may be canceled.
Check out time
– 10:00 am
  • Please put out your luggage from the bedroom before 10am.
  • It is cleaning rooms in the hostel from 8:00 to 13:00 . Thank you for your cooperation.
  • If you would like to extend your stay, please let us know and pay before 10:00.
  • We can keep your baggages, but our hostel may close from 11:00 to 15:00 . Thank you for your cooperation.
24:00 (If you return hostel after curfew, please let us know in advance.).
Reception Desk
Reception desk is open from 7:00 to 11:00, 15:00 to 22:00.
It may close for break time of the staff from 11:00 to 15:00 
If you have any questions for sightseeing, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. (Uncommonly we might not be there. such as meal or shopping or…) We can keep your valuables with us.
Car Parking
Free car Parking. 3 cars only.
Guests are required to book for use of the parking lot in advance.

Non-smoking Area
Please cooperate all rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted only in the smoking area which is outside of the entrance or garden.
Guest Rooms
Our guest rooms are dormitory style with bunk beds and generally separate room for males and females.
  • Room F: 3 bunk beds (Max. 6 people) [for women]photo
  • Room F-1: 1 bunk bed (Max. 2 people) [for women or Staff]
  • Room M: 4 bunk beds + Extra bed (Max. 9 people) [for Mix or Group]
    1. Room M-1: 2 bunk beds (Max. 4 people) [for Mix] photo
    2. Room M-2: 2 bunk beds + Extra bed (Max. 5 people)  [for Mix or Group (Private A)]photo
  • Room T: 1 bunk bed (Max. 2 people) [Small double + Single]   [for Private B]photo
Group Arrange “Private room”
We arrange the room for a small group or a family.
Please ask us when make a reservation. 
  1. Bedding, linen and towel are free of charge.
  2. We have not any nightwear, bath-towel, shampoo, conditioner or toothbrush available.
  3. All room heating facility. (No air conditioner)
  4. No heating charge. But it might be a little cold here in winter because it is an old house. If you feel chilly you can use extra blanket and Hot-water bottle.reference
  5. Private showers, toilets, TV sets and refrigerators are not provided in the guest rooms.
  6. Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in the guests rooms.
  7. No key for the guests rooms. Please manage your luggage by own responsibility. We can keep your valuables with us.

There are basically neither breakfast nor supper. (European Plan Only) There are a lot of restaurants, Sushi restaurants, pubs, etc. near here. The convenience store and the supermarket are also nearby. Travel tips in Otaru
We have communal cooking facility for guest . (6:00 to 22:00)
for Breakfast
Please ask staff about breakfast, when you check-in
Drink Counter
Tea Donations to “For The Next Traveler”. There are coffee, tea, Japanese tea, and various alcohol.
Otaru Beer
The Otaru beer is sold. (one bottle 330ml:350 yen)

Lounge Room
There are Japanese-style Lounge Roomphoto and Dining Lounge Roomphoto in Morinoki. Homely and cozy lounge space makes your stay comfortable. There are a large amount of Manga (Comics) and a lot of DVD. There is Internet PC for the guest, too. Eating & Drinking are permitted only in the lounge. Please keep good manners in the common space especially late at night.
Internet PC for the guest: (100 yen for 20 minutes / 6:00 to 24:00) Wired/Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) is available for FREE with your own laptop.(24h) Printout: 10 Yen/Sheet(A4)
Garden & Terrace
There are Japan style garden and terracephoto. In the summer time you can stay under the sun with good view.
Shower & Bath
There are one private shower room and one private Japanese Style Bath. Bath time: 18:00 to 24:00 / Shower room time: 6:00 to 11:00, 15:00 to 24:00 Please keep good manners in the common space. Towel and Hair dryers are available, but shampoo and hair conditioning are not available.
We have Washing machine and Dryer. (each 200yen/time: include Washing soap) Time: 15:00 to 22:00 Please ask us before using laundry.

Facilities, Amenity
O free parking pick-up Service O luggage storage
O towel bath towel nightwear
toothbrush O soap brush
shampoo conditioner shaver
O hair drier O alarm clock air conditioner
TV O DVD player X VTR
payphone O internet pc O Wi-Fi
O fridge O microwave oven O toaster
O washing machine O dryer rental bike

MorinoKi shop “pooh”
There is sundries counter in the hostelphoto. (pottery goods, the bead accessories, CD, and the book etc.) There is a bookcrossing counter, too.reference

MorinoKi party
Sometimes we have a party such as “Spring Party”, “Summer BBQ” and “Anniversary party” etc. Please check MorinoKi News or the event calendar about details.
J-class MorinoKi
Good for Working Holiday and the Long Traveler. Japanese lessons available from a licensed Japanese Teacher in Otaru, Hokkaido! For those who are thinking of learning Japanese language to communicate with the locals. Such a Japanese class is in MorinoKi. About [J-class MorinoKi]

Helpful & English speaking (not good at…) Staff. “MASA” and “Keko”, We were born in Otaru, and grew up in Otaru. We love this town. AND, we have Host Cat and Dogs. About Staff | About Host Cat and Dogs


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The Otarunai Backpackers' Hostel MorinoKi: [address] 4-15 Aioi Otaru Hokkaido JAPAN [Phone] 0134-23-2175