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MorinoKi Staff: Masa & Keko

MorinoKi Staff
  • Both Otaru-born, Otaru-bred
  • Both 1960’s born
  • Both blood group B……….
  • Mainly MorinoKi is Masa’s work.
    about Masa
    1. Masa is Japanese-language teacher. J-class MorinoKi
    2. Masa has the 1st class license of the Otaru guide.
    3. He is a vice-chairman of PR&HP committee of Otaru Tourist Association.
    4. 1885-1996. Masa has been living for one year with Keko as a working holiday maker in New Zealand. Masa was serializing the travel to the magazine.
    5. The New Zealand travel essay having been written by Masa won the highest award of the nonfiction section of Sinpusha. (1997)
    6. Masa was publishing the column in the Hokkaido-Shinbun in 2008 to 2009.
    7. Masa started the information magazine of Otaru in 2004.
    8. Masa sometimes makes the hand-made buckwheat noodles (Soba).
    9. Masa likes Movies, Comics, Books, Outdoor life, Cooking….etc.
    10. Masa has his BLOG.MorinoKi Blog / Twitter

dog-peglog01Host Dogs and Cat: Peg & Log & Hug & MoMo

Our Host dogs “Peg”, “Log” and “Hug” are in the hostel with us. They are cute and friendly.
Host Dogs and Cat “peg & Log & hug” & MoMo”

MorinoKi Exchange Helper“Whooper”MorinoKi Exchange Helper

The Exchange Helper is sometimes at MorinoKi.
Working Holiday on Otaru Project “WHOOP”

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