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JR Hokkaido Working Holiday Pass

The JR Hokkaido Working Holiday Pass is a rail pass available only for foreigners from abroad who are living and working in Japan on a “Working Holiday” visa. It allows pass holders unlimited rides in the reserved seating sections on ordinary cars of Ltd. Exp., Exp., and Local Trains.

http://www2.jrhokkaido.co.jp/global/english/railpass/workingholiday.html [1]

Cost: JR Hokkaido Working Holiday Pass

The JR Hokkaido Working Holiday Pass is available for purchase only to those who with a “Special Activities Visa Alien Registration Card” and Working Holiday Permit( or copy), or persons with a passport with the permit stamped inside.

Please present all or one of the above mentioned when you purchase your pass. Purchases by a proxy are not allowed. Only the person who’s name is written on the pass may use it. The pass cannot be used if when at the time of use the holder’s visa status is not a “Special Activities (Working Holiday) visa. Also, please be sure to present your Alien Registration Card of Passport when asked by the staff to do so.

Range of Use:
Period of Validity:

3 days • 5 days

Sales Locations:
Sale Term:

From 1 month before date of travel to the same day of travel

Return Policy: