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” Whoop it up!”

WHOOP is “Working Holiday on Otaru Project”. The meaning is “Let’s long term stay while working as a exchange helper in Hokkaido Otaru. “

“Cultural Exchange”

The MorinoKi helper is to exchange your hostel charge for work several hours at the hotel.Good for long stay traveler, and Working Holiday Maker.You can learn Japanese here.

In WHOOP, the exchange of “Working” and “Stay” is not only the aims. This most important aim is “Cultural Exchange. ”It is cultural exchange between the helper and the MorinoKi staffs, the helper and the traveler, helper and the local people.


The Requirements for WHOOP
  • Recruitment Period: All the time
  • Stay: 7 days or 1 month (Extension possible. Consultation necessary. )
    • Weekly whooper: OK for beginners.
    • Monthly whooper: for ex-helper at Morinoki or guest of staying before.
  • Persons: 1 – 2
  • Work Time: About 4 hours (Mainly 8AM to 12PM)
    • Looking after of the hostel sometimes.
    • Work overtime sometimes.
  • Activities: Bed making, Cleaning, Gardening, and Blog Diary, etc.
  • Requirement information for whoop:18 – 35 years old (Men or women, any nationality)
    1. Priority to ex-helper at Morinoki or guest of staying before.
    2. Personality: Tidy, Creative, Sense of Humor, Careful Consideration, chatty, Curiosity, anyway Loving of Dog and Cat.
    3. Nonsmoker is better.
    4. [In Winter] a person who is NOT “sensitive to the cold”.
    5. [NG Personality] No Hello. Withdrawal in the bedroom. No communications. Careless Consideration. Untidy.
  • Bed Room: Dormitory
  • Notes:
    1. No pay, No meal. (You can use Kitchen.)
      • You can use Kitchen. You make your own meals.
      • Usually, you have free bread for breakfast.
      • Often, we have a lunch together on weekdays.
      • Sometimes, we have a dinner together.
    2. If you want stay over 7 days, we decide it after you work once.
    3. You can change the Monthly Helper, after the weekly helper. (Upon request)
    4. We might cancel your stay even during the term of a contract.
    5. You must write the diary of Blog every day. (You may write in English.)
  • Japanese lesson for whooper
    • Japanese lessons available from a licensed Japanese teacher in MorinoKi.
    • >>> more information “J-class MorinoKi” 
  • Contact / Application
    • After your application, I ask you some questions. And then I decide about helper.

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