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About “Group Arrangement”

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about Room Arranged for the GROUP
* Basically this hostel are the sharing a rooms according to sex.
However, we arrange the room for a small group or a family.
( Only 1 group per day / 2 – 6 persons )
* It is use only for your group.
* The room to be used changes according to the number of a group.
* Room arranged for the group may be the room into which the dorm room was
divided with curtain and Shoji.
* No private toilet and bath. Please use common toilet and bath.
* No key of the room.
* Eating and drinking are not permitted in the guests rooms. Please feel free
to use the lounge room.
* No smoking in ALL ROOMS
* We recommend a dorm room to a group of the same sex.
* When there are not other travelers, the dorm room may be used only for your
* Change to The Dorm Room from The Room for group cannot be performed on the day.