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Dogs & Cat at MorinoKi

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Host Cat “MoMo”

MorinoKi New Staff!


She is “MoMo”.
Momo” is a meaning of “Peach” in English.
But, the name of “MoMo” originates about “Mo” of “MorinoKi“.


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Host Dogs “peg & Log & hug”

Host DogsOur Host dogs “Peg”, “Log” and “Hug” are in the hostel with us. (Daytime Only)
They are cute and friendly.

Girl, 1997‐born, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Often licking and Kindly to people, but often barking (Noisy?). Bossy.
Boy, 2000‐born, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Shy of strangers. Hard to please, but silly dog.
Girl, 2009‐born, Pembroke Welsh Corgi

[ Notes ]
Dogs will often bark when you open the door at MorinoKi. They welcome you, and might jump at you. But they become obedient at once. They often bark you but they never bite you. Don’t be afraid of them so much. Please play with them. (Never give them food.)

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Photo Scrap


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